Creating Pathways to Understanding



Equilibrium North West CIC is reliant upon support and funding: and whilst we endeavour to secure funds for the most beneficial projects based on research, we cannot guarantee that a specific idea or project will take place. However, with public involvement and public support, we will try to facilitate those with the most potentially beneficial outcomes, and if we cannot provide a suggested service, we will look to collaborate with those who do or signpost to existing services when appropriate.

We are a small company just starting out and will look to build capacity by involving people and growing our team as we develop. We will project plan, bid write and tend for funds for projects thought to bring benefit to improving wellbeing; but may additionally be subject to changes due to scrutiny and development by stakeholders and funders; and third party involvement.

We will do our best to provide placements and opportunities for people in our community who have had challenges to overcome, but cannot guarantee we can accommodate everyone, until such a time as capacity expands further, then the demand and profits of the company can support this.

Whilst all of our activities are based on experiences of people, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the detail, as they are not our stories to tell, however, we will always endeavour to use the words of people (verbatim) in stories and not our own. Whilst we will try to include as many stories as possible; we reserve the right to edit your story, if the content may cause distress or is inappropriate, but you will always have the right to see any the final version before it is published, and to withdraw your story at any time.

Our website is meant for guidance and services recommended by local people, however, Equilibrium North West CIC Directors, Employee’s or Members cannot be responsible for the outcome of any advice or action taken based upon this advice. Whilst we endeavour to keep details are accurate and up to date, we cannot be held accountable for the availability of that service or change in provision.