Creating Pathways to Understanding

Diversity and Antidiscrimination Policy


At Equilibrium North West CIC we will never judge a person by what they look like, their religion, family background, the area in which they live, their income, personal abilities, their gender, age, sexual orientation, their cultural beliefs or on ‘hear say’. We respect the freedom of others and their different perspectives. We will never allow a member of staff, volunteers or customers to be subjected to discrimination wherever possible, nor subject another to discrimination.

This company policy obliges us to react whenever discrimination is witnessed, so any instances of discrimination must be reported to all Directors immediately and acted upon.

We will never criticise or question someone’s diversity; unless when harm or hatred may occur as a result of expressed opinions ie when someone else has discriminative views. In this instance Equilibrium North West CIC Directors are obliged to point out the ways in which this may be considered discriminative to open perspectives and discuss viewpoints, as part of our ongoing anti-discrimination policy in practice.