Creating Pathways to Understanding

Equal Opportunities








Equilibrium North West CIC speaks out against discrimination
in any form and believes that no group or individual should receive less
favourable treatment or be subjected to disadvantage because of their sexual
preference, gender, age, family role or marital status, appearance, religious
belief or practice, national or ethnic origin, geographical differences,
academic qualifications, social status or physical, emotional, cognitive or
mental ability, their personal history, previous substance misuse, criminal
  or because of their
political status.

At Equilibrium North West CIC we believe all individuals can
make a positive contribution and/or make a positive change in their lives and in
the lives of others; we, therefore, uphold an equal opportunities policy to be
inclusive when involving beneficiaries, stakeholders and employees alike
regardless of background information and present status, creating whenever
possible equal opportunities for all to get involved with our company.
Sometimes experience, understanding and wisdom are more compelling than a piece
of paper with a qualification printed on it. We appreciate diversity and
understand we are all differently able!

We appreciate we all have different individual skills no
matter what our practices, how much money we have, what we believe or where we
are from. It is our policy to try and focus on
what we can do rather than what we
 and will encourage others to do the same.

At Equilibrium North West CIC we shall actively promote
‘Equal Opportunities’ to help break down the barrier and seek to encourage people
explore their strengths, discover new ones and play to them, regardless as to
the discrimination they may have previously faced. We would especially look to
support anyone who has experienced disadvantage such as those in the NEET (Not
in Employment Education or Training) category and/or those who feel they have
to some extent needed reform or rehabilitation at some time; or those who need
support with a health or social care problem which sometimes causes them
disadvantages in comparison with their peers.
We will endeavour to create equal opportunities within our company
whilst seeking the most suitable candidates for involvement with a project; for
service users, beneficiaries and employees, and we will consider any individual
for all roles without prejudice, without exception.







It is intended that no individual connected with our company
shall hinder the provision of this policy. The Company will ensure this by
making known the provisions of this policy statement to members of the public.