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Protecting the Rights and Interests of Company Employee’s and Members


We protect the rights of all individuals working for or involved with Equilibrium North West CIC in a number of different ways. We protect the equality of individuals by respecting confidentiality, preventing discrimination, upholding dignity, through risk assessment and by offering choice and access to information. It is very important to acknowledge and recognise diverse needs, we, therefore, endeavour to recognise people’s different needs and act whenever possible to counteract a disparity, disadvantage or support these individual needs.

Equilibrium North West CIC upholds the philosophical principals of Immanuel Kant (22 April 1724 – 12 February 1804) and wish to treat others in a way in which you would like to be treated yourself.

We are aware that what suits one person may not suit another; what works for one person may not work for another, with this the awareness we will appreciate individual differences for practising diversity. People work, learn and interact differently. What appeals to one person may not be right for another, we will always, therefore, try to engage with many different providers so if there is something we cannot provide which may be of benefit, we will collaborate with or signpost to someone who can, whenever we can, in order to get the maximum positive results for the maximum audience.

We consider all people of equal value, and will always be honest and open with an appreciation for diversity in practice and individuality. We will listen to all feedback and encourage people to be forthright in telling us any ideas on how to improve our standards and practices. Additionally, we will consult with all company stakeholders in order to update and develop these policies regularly and all staff and volunteers are asked to regularly read and stay informed of the companies governing policies.