Creating Pathways to Understanding

to Support Services






  • Reduce
    dependency/strain on local NHS and local authority services by providing
    effective interventions at a pre-crisis stage 
  • Provide and
    facilitate independent research for the health and social care providers; to
    advise on the best policy and practice from the ‘customer’ service user and
    carer perspectives
  • Collaborate
    with local services, especially other community interest companies and
    enterprises to avoid an overlap in services and maximise positive outcomes for
    the service user
  • Engage with
    the community about any of our ideas to obtain sound information for strategic
    planning; and to help find and report potential equitable business solutions
  • Support ways
    of moving and contributing towards a social model of health
  • To help create
    practice transparency by giving your customers a voice
  • To look for
    solutions for better health and social care outcomes and encourage community
  • To reduce
    inequalities in health and social care; to address need according to public
    engagement and community research