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Women’s Enterprising Breakthrough


• Would you like to find ways to try some self-development workshops to help you feel happier and more confident? Or learn better skills for coping?                                                                                   Learn more >


Wirral Carers


•Would you like to meet other Carers on the Wirral? Learn more >


Wirral Family Forum


•Are you a Parent who also cares for a child or young person who has additional needs or disability? Learn more >


Wirral Information
Resource for Equality
& Diversity


•Do you help to look after someone and want to find out what services and support may be available to you?  Learn more >


Young Carers


Are you a young person looking after a Parent or another Adult with health problems or difficulties?  Learn more >


Wirral Change


•Would you like to meet other Carers, have lunch and try arts and craft activities and other therapies? Learn more >


Family Tree


•Do you care for someone with severe mental illness and need advice or support? Learn more >


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