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Legal Support


Find the issues that interest you and link to valuable help and advice…

Citizens Advice


•Do you need help, support or free advice regarding a legal matter?

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Free Legal Advice


•Need free legal advice? Or want to find out about legal aid?


Family Rights Group


•Need free legal advice? Or want to find out about legal aid?
Want to find out about family rights?

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Children’s Legal


•Would you like to find out more about Children’s Rights?


Welfare Benefits


•Do you want to find out what benefits you may be entitled to?   Learn more >


Criminal Injuries


•Have you been a victim of a violent crime that has affected your wellbeing?

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Women’s Aid


•Do you need legal advice about your rights? Or following domestic abuse?


Divorce & Relationship Breakdown


•Want to find out about divorce or separation?


Child Support


•Do you want to pay for your child? Or do you want information about getting child maintenance?

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Paying Tax


•Do you need more information about problems paying tax?

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Immmigrant’s Welfare Right


•Are you seeking asylum and need to know your rights?

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Law on the Web


•Want to find out where you stand if you have been treated badly or scammed?   Learn more >


Advice Now


•Do you need help to make sense of the law and your rights?  Learn more >


Free Legal Advice


•Would you like some free legal advice by phone or email?


Legal Advice for
Older People


•Would you like information about free legal support?

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