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Social Health

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Woman’s Enterprising Breakthough

•Are you a young woman who would like to meet new people, try new activities and learn to feel good about yourself? Learn more >

Meet up-Social Groups

•Would you like to explore your artistic side and meet new people?

Learn more >

 Social Calendar
•Would you like to take part in community activities?

Learn more >


Wirral Multicultural Organisation

•Are you from a BME community looking to meet new people?

Learn more >

Meeting Groups
•Would you like to find out about meeting groups that may be of interest?

 Learn more >


Wirral Community Services

•Do you want to find out more about council day services?
Local Events
•Interested in what events are happening locally?
Wirral Change
•Are you from a black or racial minority community and need support?

Learn more >

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