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Nobody Knew I Was Partially Deaf

A true story from 28 year old Richie from Wirral.

When I was growing up people used to often frown at me and call me ignorant if I didn’t respond to them, but I wasn’t at all, I was partially deaf! I was aware that I couldn’t hear what people were saying, and I wasn’t doing it on purpose, but I recommend to all families to have a child hearing checked if they do seem to be ignoring you a lot, it may be that they’re really having a problem hearing you.

Although I found out what the problem was when I was quite young, I struggled for years before I really considered wearing a hearing aid. I was a young lad and I thought I worried that people would notice and give me hassle. I didn’t like anyone knowing I found it hard to hear, but when I finally got a hearing aid in my 20’s I found it an absolute godsend!! My life has literally been transformed.

People always smile at me because I am responsive and I can’t believe how long I struggled for, now I hardly notice that it is there at all! I really do recommend it to anyone, but especially any other younger lads out there like me, if you’re having any trouble hearing, or if you are thinking of getting a hearing aid but don’t really like the idea, just try it, it may be the best thing you ever do!

I haven’t looked back, if anything I just wished I had got mine sooner. It’s brilliant now, I can join in conversations and I’m not worried about shouting or missing what people say over other noises, and even if I do miss what someone says, they’re happy to repeat it because I point to it now, so they don’t think I’m just ignoring them. They’re really small and comfortable though, no one really ever notices I’m wearing it unless I point it out.

My best advice to Mum’s out there too is to realise that if you’re deaf as a child you learn to lip read really well, so if you stop talking (just mouthing the words) but your child is still responding, they may actually be lip reading. If they seem as though they’re being ignorant, try and clock whether they really only respond when they can see your face. Test them, if they don’t seem to respond if you turn around half way through saying something that may be why.

I reckon if you’re thinking about getting your hearing checked or getting a hearing aid, just do it, it was an absolute godsend for me, my quality of life is so much better with it.

—— Richie 28, Wirral  ——–