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Meet the Team

Sharon Munroe

Equilibrium literally means "balance between opposing forces", something that affects our health and wellbeing every day; it can be our work-life balance; our lifestyle; our resources, income; our knowledge and education or even our societal expectations on how we are 'supposed to be' can all throw us off balance. There are invisible forces that affect our wellbeing all around us. 

I started Equilibrium North West CIC after completing an HND in Health and Social Care and a BA (Hons) degree in Public Health. I learned that the injustices I, and so many others experience, as we go through life are well documented and the term for them is 'inequalities'. Life isn't always fair and many of us are at a disadvantage, often without even realising it! There are socio-economic factors at play, as well as lifestyle behaviours, personal beliefs, heritage, 'societal norms' and our physical and mental genetics or predispositions.

I find it fascinating that we are all entirely unique and even if we go through the exact same scenario or situation as another we experience it differently because our perspectives are different. It is totally understandable then why we often feel alone or isolated in our experiences as no one has ever or can ever walk a day in our shoes! Yet, when we start to talk and share experiences we find that actually we do have similar reactions to certain situations or problems and we can totally relate to one another, which can really help us. All this has led me to realise there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, we need open dialogue and variation to enable us to help one another and ourselves, to improve our health, wellbeing and personal prospects. 

My favourite philosophy in life is that; the only constant thing in life that we can rely upon is change, and the only thing in life that you should truly fear is becoming afraid.

Equilibrium NW CIC
Mark Lyth

I started to volunteer with Equilibrium NW CIC in January 2016. I have gained invaluable experience on a variety of projects. I was appointed Director in 2018. I manage some projects, write and research workshops and deliver workshops. I am also a qualified Life Coach. I have a vast knowledge of Mental Health through personal experience. I am passionate about empowering individuals to manage their well-being. I believe the variety of projects Equilibrium offer we can achieve a more balanced life for those we come into contact with.

I love writing, playing the guitar and most of all being a Father and a loving partner.

My favourite philosophy quote is

from Gandhi: be the change you want to see in the world.

Equilibrium NW
Seham Harriz
My name is Seham and I am a director at Equilibrium North West CIC. I am a psychotherapist at Mind Clarity CIC on the Wirral providing bilingual counselling sessions to asylum seekers and refugees in our community. 
My experience ranges from working within the NHS health promotion team to managing a counselling team to provide a service for our most disadvantaged community members.
Working and being involved in our community is such a beautiful act it allows me to feel empowered to make changes to my own community and to the people I and my own family live around allowing us to support each other and provide support to our most disadvantaged members.
I am very passionate regarding support community members who are most disadvantaged e.g. asylum seekers and refugees also young parents and families from very low social-economic backgrounds. 
My favourite quote or personal philosophy in life: Today is a new beginning! For you to get help or for you to help someone x
Katie Taylor-Smith
Steering Group

I am a passionate individual who values life. I believe that kindness and education are the two key elements that every individual need to live a fulfilling life. I have a degree and masters in psychology and a keen interest in how we work as humans. I have a training company that delivers psychologically trauma-informed mental health courses that aim to cater to the individual needs of each student. I also lead a male mental health campaign called MEN TOO.  This aims to create awareness that UK men are a vulnerable population to mental health and suicide.

I am very motivated in working together to improve the lives of others, and focus on social change through education and supporting the needs of those most vulnerable.


Anthony Thomas Davies
Steering Group

My name is Anthony Thomas Davies am 39 with a disability call fredrick ataxia.
I live alone and have done for 11 years. I have published my own poetry book which is available in Amazon called my words.
I also have a degree in combined science.
I would like more places to be inclusive and more aware of disabilities in general.

My favourite quote is - I think there for I am.
Written by Rene Descartes. 

Liam Starkey
Steering Group
My name is Liam Starkey, my experience of working with Equilibrium was in 2020 when Sharon Munroe gave me an extensive course on how to apply for grant funding for my CIC as well as mentoring, personal advice and overall support was unbelievable for me and the Inclusive Hub going forward.
 I'd like our communities to start targeting young age groups ( 5 upwards ) in terms of physical and mental wellbeing to solidify our community's future. We could explain the benefits of exercise, education, race and gender awareness plus anti-gang culture. Let's start planting the seeds now to blossom later (Sorry for the cheese!)
 A sentence I often think about is ' Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle' which basically means be nice as loads of people are going through a harder time than you and still smiling.
Paula Staunton
Steering Group
I am a director of Earth Moves my academic background is in Psychology (degree and MSc) I have been running events in the UK and abroad for over 20 years. I have performed dance and delivered workshops for entertainment and wellbeing for over 20 years. I have taught psychology up to ‘A’ level for over 20 years. I have created several gardens created with permaculture principles.
We have received consultation and have been involved in Equilibrium North West CIC events. I like the ethical, professional and helpful nature of this CIC.
I would like to see improved self-awareness and appreciation of nature. Improved economic and social wellbeing would make the world an easier place to be in.
Cooperation is what nature does. Human nature is more cooperative than competitive. Mutual aid and self-reliance are important qualities for human psychological health and the resilience of the individual and communities.
Michelle Odwyer
Steering Group
I am a qualified professional chef, passionate about teaching and bringing people together. I own Bay Tree Cookery Academy CIC and we have worked with Equilibrium North West CIC on numerous projects, and we sre looking forward to doing loads more in the future.  I would like to see more community cohesion; community activities and people helping people. 
 Good food is meant for sharing
James McQuade
Steering Group

Lead learning mentor in high school supporting Young People 11-18 in overcoming barriers to learning and any struggles they may face with their wellbeing.

To ensure YP and their families are directed and guided in making better choices and having the confidence to share resources or link them to available services/agencies.

I am keen to work with Equilibrium NW CIC and support in any way possible, to guide and deliver events for YP within the care system in the local community.

My philosophy is live for today. Don't dwell or worry about the past, try not to get lost in the future. Stay in the moment stay in control.


Ann Owens
Steering Group

I have worked in Local Government/Social Housing since 1978

My many jobs include the following

  • Housing officer
  • Homeless Officer (14 years)
  • Keyworker for Kosovo refugees who were brought to the UK by the Red Cross (2 years)
  • Resident Involvement Officer
  • Customer Empowerment Manager, responsible for 3 staff. Responsible for making sure tenants had the opportunity to get involved with OVH, delivering the Homes & Communities Regulatory Standards.


  • Customer Stakeholder Manager responsible for partnership working across all communities including attending PR events.
  • Head of Councillor Liaison, responsible for Councillor Complaints/issues.
  • Manager of Pride of Sefton Canal Boat, responsible for the whole of the business.

I would like to improve communities by bringing together partnerships that have the same aim to help elevate silo working. There are too many individual groups doing the same without much impact, bringing people together will create a better-organised approach.

My favourite quote is

They whispered to her

You cannot weather the storm


Sue White
Steering Group

I have been involved with Equilibrium NW CIC from the start I was at the launch and have attended the coffee morning group each week. Equilibrium has widened my mind into wellbeing and taught me how to stop and think about what is important in life. I felt meeting EQ was perfect timing for me and I have continued to benefit and support events by volunteering. I was in the NHS for 23 years as a phlebotomist. I took early retirement due to repercussions from a serious insipid medical condition from a childhood illness.

 I want to progress with EQ and give back to others who might need that timely intervention. I want to fight and stand up against discrimination against hidden disabilities issues. I want to be involved in the steering group helping other people gain confidence and receive help as I have.

My Favourite quote: Pull your knickers up and box on.

Taylor Lyth
Steering Group

Hi, my name is Taylor, I love to read and I find Literature fascinating. I also love my plant babies!! In my free time, I mostly enjoy spending time with my family & drinking plenty of coffee. I have been a volunteer with Equilibrium since July 2017, initially helping with their well-being coffee morning and interacting through workshops. Since then, I have been involved with their Mind Field magazine, interviewing young people and discovering their experiences during the first lockdown. 

My philosophy is: Be confident. At the end of the day, you will always have yourself to rely on.