Creating Pathways to Understanding

Social Research

‘Creating Pathways to Understanding’

Why do we
need community research?

We are all wonderfully unique and so are our daily problems,
issues or hang-ups; what works for one won’t work for another. We all have
different cultural beliefs and understanding or perspective of a problem, and we’re
all at different stages of life. Whilst one person may embrace or welcome
advice, another person may find it patronising and prefer to deal with it
themselves, and so our solutions to individual problems are also unique and
need different approaches. Sometimes we can all feel isolated with our
problems, living in pain or living with depression can make a person feel really
lonely, but if we share our experiences, we sometimes come to realise that we
are not alone or that someone else has been through a similar experience. It
often helps if we can relate to one another and share stories. No one should
have to feel alone with their problems or face them without support. We are
all amazing beings with something wonderful to contribute, even if we don’t
always believe in ourselves, and even if we have problems to deal with or
health issues to overcome.




Collectively we have a better chance of discovering genuine
ways to help us become more resilient; to find new ways to cope. We can
discover new ways to overcome our challenges that others have tried in similar
circumstances, and look towards helping to improve your wellbeing or situation,
if we just ask people then share information.

We certainly don’t have all the answers, but collectively we
can explore more potential answers and discover
what people believe the issues are and what will be the best solutions.
What we do have is the desire to bring our community together, to get involved
and speak out about health and wellbeing, to open up discussions; to help us
create pathways to understanding, and                                                                     
consider solutions on how to best meet the needs of our Communities, by asking
those who are directly affected by any such issues or problems, and those who
have come through some sort of adversity. And of course, just like in
scientific research, if we don’t ask, then how can we presume to know?


We are run by the community, with the community and for the community

We are a ‘gap finder’ and a ‘gap minder’ in our community ensuring our interventions and projects are designed with the voice of the community.

With a solid professional background in understanding ‘inequalities’
in health and social care and psychotherapy, we have the desire to try and understand
our community, to see what services and projects may be developed to support
better health and wellbeing for us all.

You can help us to understand; what do
people want and need? What are the problems people are facing?

How can we make
our communities better, safer, more inclusive and healthier?

What would boost
opportunities for people? And how would people like to have their experiences,
needs and wishes considered and included?

What can improve our personal and
social health? And what could make the community better?

You can even tell us
what issues you think need exploring in your local area?!

‘Creating Pathways to Understanding’