Creating Pathways to Understanding

Equilibrium North West CIC is a local not for profit organisation, specialising in health and social care solutions for both service providers and service users.

Independent Research Consultancy for Professional Health and Social Care Services:

We can provide Reviews, Audits and Customer Orientated Perspectives; research designed to specification.

Equilibrium North West CIC provides:

  • Reviews, Audits and Research (from customer, carer and/or staff perspectives)
  • Snapshot Reviews (how the service is at a specific point in time)
  • Long Term or Contracted Reviews (how the service functions over a period of time)
  • Team Shadowing Reviews (following key staff members during all hours)
  • Observational Studies
  • Secret Shopper Style Service
  • Focus Group Events
  • Staff Opinions and Concerns

  • Facilitate and Manage Corporate Events
  • Investigation of Policy Implementation and Specific Service Changes
  • Integrated Team Assessments (specifically for looking at how well new teams work together)
  • Provide a Panel of ‘Customers’ and/or Carers for Interviewing Potential Employees or Stakeholders
  • Public engagement and consultancy to specification
  • Feedback training for staff based on customer experiences

Equilibrium North West CIC can find out:

  • How happy your customers are with the service
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your service
  • How your customers say the service can improve
  • Whether a new policy or procedure is working effectively
  • Whether team performance meets specified standards and/or targets
  • How robust your policies are in practice
  • What all people concerned in a process think about it, including staff

It is the aim of Equilibrium NW CIC to train and support service users of health and social care services and their carers, to become part of our team. We wish to create meaningful involvement; ensuring that people who use services fully participate in the processes of implementation and development, in the services most likely to affect them, creating effective coproduction, which is an important factor of our social enterprise.

Better collaboration between health and social care services and their customers is essential for sustainable future services and understanding community need. Health and social care inequalities are unquestionably the biggest challenges of our future. We believe that through a continued public consultation and dynamic approaches to reaching different audiences; the meaningful participation, inclusion and advocacy of people within the community, can contribute an evidence base for effective strategic planning, and equitable solutions to meet community need.

We are currently designing a consultancy course to train Service Users and Carers to become part of a professional social research team, for the ultimate co-production in assessing and developing services.  It is our desire to help create practice transparency in health and social care services across the North West.


For future updates or further information please do not hesitate to contact us.