Creating Pathways to Understanding

The RED Heart Campaign.

The RED Heart Campaign stands for Respect Equality and Diversity. The challenge consists of 5 pledges to help eradicate discrimination, hatred and xenophobia in our communities. Equilibrium North West CIC is very proud to have designed such a successful campaign, which was delivered in partnership with Wirral Change Ltd. The support for this Campaign to promote respect, equality and diversity has been phenomenal across our awesome communities and still continues to grow. We want to challenge stigma and encourage acceptance and inclusion. The pledges designed with our communities are as follows:

I will always treat others how I wish to be treated!

I will always be supportive of differences I do not understand

I will always appreciate and celebrate diversity and our cultural differences

I will always look for ways to support my fellow citizens and help whenever I can

I will not look the other way if I witness hatred or discrimination


Be part of the change we would like to see in our communities and take the pledges now by going to

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